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[edit] Puzzle #7

[edit] Password

Clue, found in Snowball's puzzle 7 email


  1. ANSWER:


  1. ANSWER:

[edit] Puzzle

Puzzle numba seven!

After the difficult puzzles you guys have been solving recently, Holly and I decided to make this one pretty easy for you. So, all you have to do is visit this link and email me the answer to the question you find there:

Just kidding! The puzzle is really located at



  1. ANSWER:


Puzzle Number Seven

Hello, everyone! Great job getting to this puzzle. So, here you go!

british scorn
jointly clink old as
photos hue out pen
greenery thin die it
jabs blow cling elm nell
jittery fig god no as
york mate
dishwasher hunt hot gong
filth sneer to
shells bilge grin
timely hotel solo

Posted by Snowball McJinglebell



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