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Friday, December 10, 2006

Santa is pleased!

Santa Claus is very happy with the way the Reindeer Games are going... I just thought everyone should know that. Great work, everyone, and SC hopes to see it continue in the weeks ahead! Good luck!

Also, I'm very happy to announce the first ever serialized story, by Marcus Treelight, resident bookbinder at the North Pole. He's taken some of the events of the past few days and fictionalized them, and is posting them one chapter at a time online! He's really excited, because he's never shown his work to anyone besides Rudolph before. So, check out Marcus' story! (There's a link on the right.) There's even an appearance by yours truly... but I didn't exactly do what it says I did in Chapter One.

Congrats, Marcus, and I look forward to reading more! Just... make me look good, all right? :)

Posted by Snowball McJinglebell at 5:17 PM

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