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[edit] In Too Deep

[edit] Information About the Clue

[edit] Cards in This Combo

1. Card 106

2. Card 107

3. Card 108

4. Card 109

5. Card 110

6. Card 111

[edit] Book

Book 6

[edit] Location

Sunda Strait, Indonesia

[edit] Branch


[edit] Story

Ekaterina agent Robert Henderson Cahill was desperately close to assembling all 39 Clues at his secret lab on an Indonesian island when it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Only after he lost everything did he realise that one of the missing Clues had been surrounding him the whole time. The last Ekaterina Clue he needed was water. In his sadness and fustration, he wrote a poem to ensure that his descendents wouldn't make the same error. He included a hint in the line "The very waves sang the song I knew." Who knew the Ekats could write poetry?!

[edit] Clue


First Part of Combo 13

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